"Born with an appreciation of beauty, Drake Dustin sees attraction in everything. Originally a Pilot-in-the-making, Drake Dustin was a hard-working student in flight school. However, this hindered his prohibited interest in the arts & fashion photography. In 2011 Dustin followed his heart and did what made him happy. He started with whatever was available and at reach. With very limited resources he was able to produce attractive fashion photographs in a generation where even a 10 year old can be a "photographer". Not so long after his works grabbed the attention of MEGA Magazine. He then entered a national reality search for the best fashion photographer in the country where he finished in Top 2. Being a passionate artist he picked-up all the technical essentials an enthusiast should learn. Equipped with fresh vision; a non-conformist aesthetic, Dustin has all it takes to become the next big thing in his generation's talents" -Mike Lavarez




Drake Dustin Ibay    

October 8, 1991

A boy who's trying to find his place in this world—searching for his identity—traveling the world like a nomad who doesn't know where he truly belongs. In search for that something, the answers to all his questions. I'm trying to make my life into a work of art. Art gives me freedom. It helps me breathe. It helps relieve the sadness I was born with. I'm tired of feeling that my head is fucked-up. I pour my tears & emotions in my photographs. I aspire to create something beautiful and magnificent from things that I once loathe. I try to live in the fantasy that I create. To get lost in this paradise on my mind is where I would like to end up. I believe in my dreams. I believe in the potential of everything. I believe in myself.. because that's the only thing I'll ever have.